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Album: Dots & Digits

Album by delafex


Dots & Digits is the third Album by delafex. The Tracks are Produced, mixed and Mastered by Felix "delafex" Klein from Cologne, Germany in the Years 2016 and 2017. It is a mixed style Album. The musical roots can be found in Hip Hop Instrumentals, influenced by old school hip hop, modern Beats, electronic Music and other Big Beats. But there are also two surprising Tracks on this Album influenced by modern classical music. Stop reading, turn your Speaker up and Enjoy!


  1. Rework ISRC: usl4q1713527
  2. Boom Bap ISRC: usl4q1713528
  3. Blueberry Fields Forever ISRC: usl4q1713529
  4. Bigger Than Your Mama ISRC: usl4q1713530
  5. Damn Right Fist ISRC: usl4q1713531
  6. Wat Schnelles ISRC: usl4q1713532
  7. Some Movement ISRC: usl4q1713533
  8. Burning Cole ISRC: usl4q1713534
  9. Let's Get Big ISRC: usl4q1713535
  10. Shuffeled Moments ISRC: usl4q1713537
  11. Necus Infected (Mpc) ISRC: uscgh1672802
  12. Melodic Symphony ISRC: usl4q1713538


  • Release Date: 2017
  • Genre: Hip-Hop Instrumentals / Electronic Music
  • Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Felix “delafex” Klein @ dela-media Studio
  • The use in internet, radio and TV is liable to GEMA. GEMA CAE/IPI: 733112190
  • GEMA UPC / EAN: 191924584742