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Album: Artificial Eye

Album by delafex


Artificial Eye is the fourth Album by delafex. It’s a mix of hip-hop instrumentals, breakbeat, Trap and was shaped by organic and electronic influences. Fat drums and wide synths form melodies that result in a musical adventure trip to turn up loud, but the tracks are also ideal for chilling out in the after hour. Final mix was largely done in the Machine 2 and the mastering in Cubase. The eye used for this cover is a photo of my daughter. Few effects were added in Prequel on the Phone. Then edited again in Photoshop and pasted the texts and edited again on the Phone. There was a lot of digital noise created through these many steps, which fits the title of the album. The triangle is the symbol that runs through my album covers. Stop reading, turn your Speaker up and Enjoy!


  1. Layed Back In Time ISRC: DEZC62046305
  2. Bangin Them ISRC: DEZC62046306
  3. Raw Floating Space ISRC: DEZC62046307
  4. Burned Timberwood ISRC: DEZC62046308
  5. Easy Skating Days ISRC: DEZC62046309
  6. Heat Waves ISRC: DEZC62046310
  7. Vaped Crush ISRC: DEZC62046311
  8. Supernova Sunshine ISRC: DEZC62046312
  9. A.i. Eye ISRC: DEZC62046313
  10. Keep Grinding ISRC: DEZC62046314
  11. Decrypted Movements ISRC: DEZC62046315
  12. Hope In-Between ISRC: DEZC62046316
  13. Glowing Hearth ISRC: DEZC62046317


  • Release Date: 2020
  • Genre: Hip-Hop Instrumentals / Electronic Music
  • Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Felix “delafex” Klein @ dela-media Studio
  • The use in internet, radio and TV is liable to GEMA. GEMA CAE/IPI: 733112190
  • GEMA GTIN / UPC / EAN: 4064832318036