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Album: 00-2014

Album by delafex


The first Album by delafex is a Style-Mixed-Genre. It has a wide range of differend Styles. The Sound was inspired by all kinds of Music. Classical Music mixed with Hip Hop Instrumentals and Electronic Music.


  1. Neue Klaviatur ISRC: uscgh1646983
  2. Schlawenzel ISRC: uscgh1646984
  3. DekaDance ISRC: uscgh1646985
  4. wie ein Star ISRC: uscgh1646986
  5. dicke Backe ISRC: uscgh1646987
  6. FallObst ISRC: uscgh1646988
  7. BackBeatBass ISRC: uscgh1646989
  8. Crystalized Dreams ISRC: uscgh1646990
  9. MPC gesund ISRC: uscgh1646991
  10. Womack ISRC: uscgh1646992
  11. Autumn Jazz ISRC: uscgh1646993


  • Release Date: 2/2/2016
  • Genre: Electronic, Hip-Hop Instrumentals, Classic
  • Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Felix “delafex” Klein @ dela-media Studio
  • The use in internet, radio and TV is liable to GEMA. GEMA CAE/IPI: 733112190
  • GEMA UPC / EAN: 190394245047